Aperture Telescopes

Aperture Telescopes is the first Indian company to serve the Amateur Astronomers by providing Large Dobsonian Telescopes including truss tube telescopes. Manufactures largest telescopes in India, manual Dobsonian Telescopes of 12inch, 16inch and 20inches. Astrophotography Workshops - Sky Photo Trip, Managing observatories, making & conducting astronomy programmes for school students. Take your hobby of Astronomy to greater height that it deserves, Aperture Telescopes is a friendly company here to help you do just that.


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Headquarter Gurgaon
Established Established in 2011
Experience Experience 7 Years
Employees Employees 3 People

Our Team

Ajay Talwar Founder

Ajay Talwar, has been a professional Astrophotographer for more than two decades. This Pro is always on a hunt for dark skies and good weather and every time when he finds one, he produces some of the most stunning night sky images.