Triund is one of the shortest trekking trails (10 kms only!) from McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh and very much doable by the first-time trekking enthusiasts. It is quite popular among college-goers who want to unwind over weekend with friends as well as experienced trekkers who want to take a break from their heavy-duty, high altitude treks. And, why not? After all nothing beats the experience of having your head in the clouds on a comparatively cold day and if the weather is clear a panoramic view of the Kangra Valley to your south and the mighty Dhauladhar range to your north. Even when you’re walking up the hill you’ll see the famous Kareri Lake from Gallu Devi Temple. It is exactly after this that your trek gets a lot stepper. So, let’s help you with a few basic things to keep in mind when planning Triund trek:

 Trek to Triund

Carry a stick

The trek although is easier in the beginning gets steep after crossing the two shacks where most trekkers stop to catch a breath and eat and drink to revive their tired selves. Grab hold of a stick on your way; it will be handy when you cut across the pine forest and ravines, And, if you find yourself under the dense cover of clouds and if it begins to rains the stick will make it easier for you to keep up with the trek and prevent you from slipping from the moist stepping stones.

Timing your trek

If you want to sit on the velvet green and open your eyes to the charming blues then trek around August-October, right after monsoons. The arduous trek (the final leg!) will be well compensated because you will see the flaming rhododendrons all around you! However, if you love the snow, do a winter trek to Triund and dig your boots and fingers in pristine white snow. march your way to the hill top in March!
Triund Hill

Food + garama-garam chai

There’s no dearth of food options as you can snack on noodles and have garama-garam chai or cold drinks at popular eating joints like Magic View, Scenic View and Snowline Café. You can also hog on some omellete or boiled eggs and Indian thali. You will find that the food is a little expensive – noodles for example may cost you 90 bucks, but it’s worth it!

Trek to Triund

Overnight stays

At Triund the only option to stay the night(s) is the Forest Rest House that can be booked at Dharamshala. The office is behind the Park restaurant opposite to the Dharamshala Police Station and General Post Office. You can rent a bedding at the Snowline Café that is nestled on a ridge from where you can see the Indrdhar Pass and the Dhauladhar Range. If you want to camp then you can rent a few from shops at Dharamshala.
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