A journey to Leh Ladakh, especially if you are self-driving is one fraught with risk and adventure at every turn. The checklist of essential items needed is so big that many times food gets missed out. From medicinal supplies to bike spares and woolen gear, there are so many must haves that need to be packed to avoid getting caught in a precarious situation, that you almost tend to forget packing eatables.
Tourism being the mainstay of the local economy, there are, of course many eateries which offer a range of choices from Indian to Italian and local flavours. In fact Leh Ladakh is a foodie paradise, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. However, the main difficulty is experienced at some of the remote places. Finding eateries in between places, for example on the road drive from Leh to Nubra valley can be difficult and since help is hard to come by on those lonely roads, it is always a good idea to carry some food with you. Here is a handy checklist of eatables that should be a part of your must haves:

Water: There is no surviving without sufficient water intake at such high altitudes. Keeping yourself hydrated is therefore the most important part of your  your well-being. Remember to carry more than the required amount of water to ensure you never run short.

Electrolyte or Glucose: This is a must have for a trip to Leh Ladakh. Carry plenty of small packets with you to ensure your energy levels remain high particularly as you travel to higher altitudes. Loss of appetite is a common symptom of Acute Mountain sickness. Mixing one sachet in a glass of water helps keep you hydrated and also keeps fatigue at bay.

Hot Chocolate: Another handy option when you are in the need for a warm drink. Again carry plenty of small packets and simply empty the contents of one in a glass of warm water or milk to feed some energy to your body.

Energy Bars and Dry fruits: Easy to carry and even easier to munch upon, they can give your body all the energy boost it needs to stave off AMS.

Chocolates and Candy: When you need a burst of sugar to ward off acute cold or hunger, chocolates and candy can come in extremely handy.

Snacks, dry mixes and nuts: Always convenient for munching on long road trips and for a change in taste, carry enough to ensure you are not stranded for food during those long drives.

Precooked noodles and food: Packets of Maggi and other precooked noodles can be a life-saver when you run out of food options.

Pickles– If you prefer spicy food, ensure you carry some pickles as Tibetan food can be bland.
Chewing gum and mouth freshener: It is a known fact that chewing gum on high altitude helps, the other plus is that it also serves as a mouth freshener and takes up hardly any space.

Here’s to your comfortable and safe visit!