So you have your itinerary chalked out and are ready to savour the many fascinating sights that Sikkim has to offer? Here is a handy guide of things to know as you head to this land of immense beauty, a window to the Himalayas. Read On.

What to pack

Warm clothes– Depending on when you are visiting Sikkim and the altitude you are scaling, remember to carry enough woolens. If you are visiting places like Gurudongmar Lake at an altitude of 17800 Feet in North Sikkim, you certainly need heavy woolens besides leather sneakers, wind cheaters and more. It is prudent to dress up in layers so ensure you have enough layers to keep you snug. The state does experience power shortages and hence heating could be an issue. The many layers will come to your relief at such times. Thermals, woollen caps and gloves are a must have.

For areas covered with snow, boots and coats are typically available on rent which saves you the hassle of carrying bulky items.

For those making a trek, comfortable walking shoes and camping overnight essentials are absolutely necessary.

If you are travelling in summer, do remember to pack a light jacket for those cool nights.

If you are making a visit in June-July, an umbrella or raincoat is an absolute must have. Remember also to rain proof your luggage so that you do not have to face any inconvenience. Ensure your feet are fully covered so you do not have the risk of being bitten by leeches that are typically seen in this season. Carrying a torch is also prudent.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies– Besides carrying your regular medicines, ensure you have supplies of tablets such as Diamox that prevent AMS. Carrying anti bacterial creams is recommended. Keeping yourself hydrated is of essence so ensure you have enough water supply.

Other recommended articles include water purification tablets, a chap stick, a high SPF sun screen and sunglasses.

Non-Perishable Food Items– Do carry enough non-perishable food times for those times that you are stuck in remote locations. Readymade noodles are a great option.

Photo supplies– With enough and more photo ops, ensure you carry a good camera and have enough memory space to preserve the many pictures that you are likely to click to preserve the memories of this memorable trip for posterity.

Need for Permits

Keep your photo id proof and photographs handy for the many places that may require a permit. Ensure you have checked out the requirement for permits well in advance so that you do not waste precious days running around for permits.

Shut Down Time

It will help to know that most markets and even food outlets shut down by 8 pm. You need to therefore plan your day accordingly, so as not to be caught unawares.

Bon Voyage! We are certain the fond memories of the trip will be something you will cherish, long after you are back from this magical land.