Situated in the Nubra region, the relatively lesser known Yarab Tso Lake offers a very different kind of beauty as compared to the Pangong Tso and the Tso Moriri Lake. A serenely barren and untouched landscape mirrors the crystal clear waters of the lake that is almost transcendental in its beauty and is likely to capture the imagination of even the most hardened of souls.

Also called the “hidden lake”, the lake lies completely out of sight buried deep within a hillock. Untouched and relatively less explored, there are no sign boards as well on the way announcing the lake which is why many people tend to miss the lake and drive straight over to Nubra Valley. It is held in high esteem by locals as a holy lake which is why tourists are not really encouraged and swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited. If you do manage to find the way, make a stop at Panamik and make the short climb up the hillock that keeps this hidden treasure so completely out of view so as to make it almost invisible from the main road. The peaceful clear calm waters of the lake lying amidst a barren rocky terrain will seem almost unearthly in its beauty.


Yarab Tso Lake lies on the way to Nubra Valley from Leh and it is best to cover it on your way to Nubra Valley. The whole detour will hardly take more than an hour and will leave you with a priceless sense of calm. A 15 kms drive from Diskit will bring you to Panamik via Sunnur which is where the 20 minute uphill hike for Yarab Tso starts. One of the highest altitude sacred lakes in Ladakh, the beauty of Yarab Tso lies in in the serenity and untouched beauty of its surroundings.

Other activities:

Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of the lake you can also enjoy other outdoor activities. Another famous place to visit nearby is the Samstanling Gompa which comprises of seven temples.   There could not be a better way to explore the hidden facets of this magical land.

Accommodation at Nubra Valley:

There is nothing except barren land in and around Yarab Tso Lake, you have to put up at nearby Diskit or further ahead at Hunder. There are many guest houses and small hotels for tourists. There is also an option to stay in Swiss Tents around the lake itself.