Recent times have seen a surge in tourists visiting Leh Ladakh which is why there are many more options to reach Leh Ladakh than there were before. The nature of the terrain remains difficult and forbidding but that has not managed to daunt the spirit of adventure tourists who consider a road trip to Leh and Ladakh a pilgrimage of sorts. However, it is not just the adventure tourists who have been attracted to Leh and Ladakh, its mysterious landscape filled with unexpected bounties of nature at every twist and turn has attracted an increasingly diverse group of travelers, from families to single travelers. Here are the various ways to reach Leh Ladakh for all those who want to experience firsthand this unexplored vista of pristine beauty.

Air Travel

All it needs is a whole lot of research and some planning for your dream trip to Leh. Flights remain the fastest and most convenient way to reach Leh, albeit the most expensive. The Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is well connected and there are many daily flights now plying between several Indian cities and Leh, particularly during the peak tourist months of June to September. Flight remains the only option for off season travel during the months in between October to May, when roads are closed due to snow. While winter months are not really recommended to travel to Leh, you do get some incredible deals on flights and hotels that can help you do the entire trip in less than half the cost that you would pay in summers.


There are no direct trains to Leh. Travelling by train is therefore not really an option to reach Leh. You could take a train to Jammu but the road distance from Jammu to Leh is over 700 Kms. Railways is, therefore, the least recommended mode of travel primarily because of the long hours of travel time, firstly by train and finally on road.

By road

Traveling by road is the cheapest and most frequently adopted mode of travel used by tourists to reach Leh Ladakh, although it is also the most physically and mentally taxing. There are two primary reasons for this, firstly the scenic route makes it totally worthwhile, and secondly it works out the cheapest when you are a big group traveling together. Many tourists prefer driving to Leh by car or bike using either the Delhi Srinagar road or the Delhi Manali road. The Srinagar route is often preferred primarily because it remains open for a longer period, is relatively shorter but mostly because it stands at a lower altitude than the Manali route and allows for better acclimatization. The Manali-Leh route on the other hand, with the beautiful landscapes, some of the highest passes and the Moore Plains is a visual delight.

If you prefer not to use your own vehicle, there are plenty of private taxis that can be work out to be affordable as well as safe, particularly if you are traveling with family. The cheapest way to reach Leh by far is to use any of the tourist buses.

Whichever mode of transport you pick, the scenic beauty of Leh Ladakh will have you mesmerized. Bon Voyage!