The Land of Happiness, Bhutan, has the distinction of being welcoming to visitors throughout the year. Its temperate climate and rich heritage offer a wide variety of experiences all year round. Home to the four seasons, the climate in Bhutan varies widely from semi tropical to alpine, depending on the altitude.

In the northern parts of the country weather conditions are extremely harsh. Southwards, summers are hot and humid and winters, cool. The center, however, is known to enjoy a sub-tropical climate.

Here is a quick overview of not just the weather in different months, but also the main attractions of the season to ensure that you make the most of your trip.


March, April & May– Officially spring, this is one of most beautiful times to be in Bhutan. With resplendent valleys, welcome is written all over the place! That this is also the time of the famous Paro Tsechu Festival, is an added perk. Dances in amazing costumes and masks make this an event that will be etched on your memory forever.

While temperatures vary greatly depending on altitude, here is an overview of average temperatures:

Month Temperature in Celcius Paro Thimphu Mongar Trashigang
March Max 14.5 16.4 20.0 24.8
Min 0.6 3.9 11.6 14.4
April Max 17.6 20.0 22.8 28.3
Min 4.6 7.1 14.0 17.0
May Max 23.5 22.5 25.1 30.0
Min 10.6 13.1 17.4 22.6


September, October and November– Crisp blue skies render this season a haven for trekkers. With trees shedding their golden brown leaves in Autumn, the photo ops are immense. Whether you choose to visit the parks or make a trip to the many monasteries, this is the perfect season to be in Bhutan.


Month Temperature in Celcius Paro Thimphu Mongar Trashigang
Sep Max 23.4 23.1 24.7 30.0
Min 11.7 15 19.4 21.9
Oct Max 18.7 21.9 22.7 29.1
Min 7.4 10.4 15.8 17.7
Nov Max 13.9 17.9 19.9 26.1
Min 1.4 5.0 11.2 13.6



June, July and August- The monsoons are a good time to stand and stare while sipping tea! This of course isn’t opportune time for trekkers, though you can still enjoy places of historical interest.

Month Temperature in Celcius Paro Thimphu Mongar Trashigang
June Max 25.4 24.4 26.1 30.7
Min 14.1 15.2 19.5 22.6
July Max 26.8 25.9 27.1 31.5
Min 14.9 15.6 19.8 23.1
Aug Max 25.3 25.0 25.4 30.2
Min 14.7 15.8 19.6 22.7



December, January and February- While the east-west highway remains snowbound during winter, this is a good time to places such as Paro and Thimpu. Winter is also the time to visit the Gangtey Valley. Gangtey Gompa, perched atop a small hill is a must see. If you are a wild life enthusiast, you will enjoy seeing the black-necked cranes that come here during this time of the year.

Month Temperature in Celcius Paro Thimphu Mongar Trashigang
Dec Max 11.2 14.5 17.7 23.0
Min -1.7 -1.1 9.5 11.6
Jan Max 9.4 12.3 15.5 20.4
Min -5.8 -2.6 8.2 10.5
Feb Max 13.0 14.4 15.9 21.7
Min 1.5 0.6 8.3 11.5

Pro Tip-

Irrespective of the season, remember to carry a couple of warm clothes while travelling to Bhutan. Dressing in layers is recommended as the variation in temperature in a single day can be substantial!