Traveling solo can be daunting for many who can’t ever let go traveling in a group, but meet these travel bloggers who cannot say no to traveling solo! And, here’s why!

Amrita Das

Amrita Das-Bodhgaya

“I have not really traveled in groups barring my trek to the Valley of Flowers, in July 2015. This was my first experience where I was put together with a bunch of strangers. It is not a conscious decision to avoid group travel, but traveling by myself comes more naturally to me. Besides, I am not too comfortable with crowds and hence avoid such situations. Why I essentially choose to travel by myself because it is quite tough to find compatible travel mates; similar interests, sleeping patterns and habits, and expectations. One of the greatest advantage of traveling solo is that I reserve the rights to wake up early and sleep early. Having said that, I’m open to traveling with anyone who is compatible. It isn’t a closed mindset, just a preference. Also, I don’t see any comforts in group travels, honestly. I seldom feel unsafe while traveling by myself, in fact I’m more likely to lose my way when I’m traveling with others!”




“Solo travel has helped me put my faith back into humanity one-little-bit-at-a-time. I say this because of what I’ve observed or have had the opportunity to experience through the genuine-acts-of-seemingly-random-yet-important-acts-of-kindness while I’ve been on the road. In turn I’ve not only explored new places but also discovered newer parts of ‘me’ during that process — from the experiential sorts of acquiring a taste for locally brewed alcohol or orange wine to the introspective kind of realizing that I don’t get bored in my own company. It has also taught me how to be adept and think on my feet. And I love the independence that comes because of traveling.”



Rutavi Mehta

_MG_9723 “I travel solo so that my dreams are not held back by others. Venturing out alone renews my  spirit in the most positive way. It changes my energy, my perspective of the world, the way I view others and the way I see myself. Every solo travel makes me fearless and makes me more confident in my abilities to figure things out on my own. There is nothing like seeing a country or a place beyond the fridge magnets, and you’d agree! Solo travel gives me the freedom to plan my itinerary without having to depend on others.”


Swati Jain



“I decided to go solo because I wanted to travel at my own pace. While I travel, I always have an inquisitiveness to experience, see or learn something new and different. Something on which I can vouch. Traveling with friends and family is sort of limiting for me and since I’ve traveled solo for long now, I cannot think of traveling in a group!”



Gayatri Sivakumar

470012_311906762260963_1216503214_“For the fearlessness of it. For the fun in it. For the fervor imbibed all along.
For that ounce of self discovery. To let go off that self pity. To challenge the norms that state you can’t.
For savoring those marvelous experiences. To grab all that knowledge that comes along.
To witness moments of truth. For that novelty and charm in standing by yourself.
To satisfy the ever hungry soul and finally, for that untamed Vagabond in you, to open up to life.”





How do you travel? Has the solo traveling bug bit you yet? Are you ready to take chances and go solo? We’d love to hear from you!

Compiled by: Sharanya Manola