If a road trip to Leh Ladakh is in the offing, odds are that you are pumping adrenalin just thinking about the journey ahead. Not without reason as it is that dream trip for adventure enthusiasts which is rated as one of the top 5 Road Trips on Earth.

You can leave the mundane planning to us as we tell you how to be adequately prepared for your travel. Here are important tips on the stuff you need to carry for a comfortable trip.


It is essential to carry a valid photo identity card as you undertake the trip. Carrying your medical insurance card is also prudent. Remember to carry your printed itinerary, hotel reservation slips and a list of important contact numbers.

With limited ATMs along the way, carrying enough money is of essence. In fact the last ATM on the Manali Leh highway, is in Manali!

Ensure you carry waterproof backpacks. Heavy suitcases are best avoided. If you are biking, remember to pack the saddlebag in a manner so that your bike does not lean on one side.

Medical Supplies

• Carrying portable oxygen cylinders is advisable for those high altitudes. They are easily available at a chemist.
• Ensure you carry adequate supplies of any medications prescribed by your doctor
• Additionally remember to carry Pain relievers and analgesics besides other odds and ends such as band-aid.
• Diamox comes in handy for altitude sickness but do check with your physician well in advance.
• It is also advisable to carry sachets of re-hydration salts
• Iodine based water purification tablets are an essential component of your supplies
• High SPF Sunscreen is a must have if you are travelling in the summer season.

• Depending on the time of the year that you are visiting, you need to carry appropriately warm clothing.
• The thumb rule is to clothe yourself in layers as you will experience the play of light and shade.
• Thermals are a great way to keep you warm so don’t forget to pack them
• A jacket is best kept handy throughout the year.
• Raincoats and umbrellas are also best kept handy in case you run into unexpected rains or snow showers
• Waterproof shoes are a must have for trekking.
• If you are making the trip on a bike, keeping an extra pair of socks handy is advisable as you may have to cross water logging on the way.
• Caps and gloves are a must have to keep yourself warm
• Personal essentials and toiletries


• It is important that that you eat at regular intervals and eat light so carry appropriate food stuff
• Remaining hydrated is of high priority so ensure that at any given point you have water supply available
• Keep chocolates and chewing gum handy for instant energy.

Electronic Devices
• A good quality camera is one investment you will not rue. Even before you reach Leh Ladakh you will have many scenic views to capture. Power Tip- Remember to have a memory card that does not cause you to delete old pictures to click new ones!
• Extra Battery supplies are a must have for the times that you are on the road.
• If you are musically inclined, a fully charged ipod with your favourite songs is something you just cannot forget. For those travelling with children, their favourite rhymes/songs may come in handy for those troubled times.
• Gadget chargers are something you just cannot afford to forget. Power banks and car chargers for the phone are also a must have
• Speaking of phones, remember only postpaid connections have service in Jammu & Kashmir with BSNL having the maximum coverage.
Other Accessories
• Functional eye wear with UV protection that also works for you stylistically. After all there will be all those photographs that you will want put on Facebook and Instagram on your return!
• A hat or scarf
• Gloves
• A Hand towel
• Multi purpose knife
• A torch

That you will need a serviced vehicle with the necessary permits is a given and is the subject of another post!

The only other thing that you need is a devil-may-care attitude and the ability to have oodles of fun!