Travel story contributor: Manjulika Pramod

Before I talk about my one-of-its-kind experience in Chiang Mai in Thailand, let me talk about Zip-line. It is a combination of a pulley suspended on a cable and makes one of the most-famous outdoor adventure activities these days. Inclination, gravity, body weight, rope flexibility are the important players of this aerial runway. In fact, not just as sports activity, zip-line has been used as a means for exploring the rain forests in the past and now. But on the whole, this zig-zag entertainment that happens in the air is fast, fun and exhilarating.

Before ZipliningGathering courage to actually do Ziplining!

My guide in Chiang Mai told us to be ready for some adventure just when we were headed towards Flying Squirrels-the real Zipline adventure longest and highest in Thailand. Now, this was not going to be a one rope feat, but a complete adventure tour of more than 2 hours.  I was both excited and nervous to learn that here we were supposed to complete 32 stations which consisted of 17 zip lines.  Initially, I freaked out looking at the number of levels to be completed, but once I was convinced that I was in safe hands and the adventure was worth a do, there was no looking back. My team and guides were extremely supportive and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and date danger!

Before we started for the tour, we were asked to change our clothes and were harnessed well in the protective gear. Then we were driven to the higher area close to the first station. There are no rainforests in Thailand but this looked absolutely like one, green, dense and forests perched atop the hills. The guide pulled in the pulley, tethered it to my harness and I was all set to roll over the rope. Once I was done with my first zip line, I was all upbeat to take up more challenges. The adrenaline rush that came while doing the longest, 600 meter zip line on the tree tops was worth it. Apart from the seventeen zip-lines, we also biked high in the sky, did Abseiling, crossed Hilltribe Swing Bridge and jumped up and down the trunk of massive trees. Together it all made for unparalleled adventure trip.

Finally ZipliningFood before monkeying in the forest!

The jungles in Nicargua, Costa Rica , Florida are a hit among Zip-line enthusiasts. Till the time I didn’t do Zip-lining, I had no clue it could be so much fun and would give such an adrenalin rush that I’d remember it for life! I must add that the day spent like a monkey jumping from here to there was indeed special. More so, the most positive impact of the whole thing was that after completing it all I was infused with confidence to take more serious adventure in future. Which I promise I will!

Now, onto some words of advice. Before you do a Zip-line activity, be on the cautious side and keep in mind the following:

  • Find out if the Zip-lining organizers adhere to International Safety standards as safety is above all and the guides are experienced.
  • Take the head and the body gear seriously, no messing up with the harness. Yes, NO messing with the harness!
  • Do not carry camera or mobile phone. It will  compromise your safety let alone it getting lost while you’re ziplining from one station to another.
  • Listen and follow the instructions of the guide and never for a minute think that you can manage without their words of caution.
  • Keep with your group so that you get help in time of need.
  • Wear closed shoes, covered pants to prevent any cuts and bruises.

Hope you have as much fun as I did!