Cycling in Bharatpur

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About The Listing

Type of Trip : Cycling

Level : Medium

Location : Rajasthan

Duration : 2 Days 1 Night

Trip Start : Bharatpur

Trip End : Bharatpur


Imagine cycling along forest paths, picnic breakfasts & lunches under the shade of gigantic tress or taking a leisurely ride through the jungle on your cycle. Stop imagining now & join us at Bharatpur Cycling expedition for a quick escape from the ‘madding crowds of the city’ and spend a peaceful weekend in Bharatpur. An early morning trip or a late evening one is quite an enthralling experience to find out the hidden treasures of Bharatpur.

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What's Unique?

  • Backup vehicle for the ride.
  • One backup vehicle for transporting the cycles from Delhi to Bharatpur and back.
  • There will be a chief experience officer for the ride.
  • Refreshment and water while cycling.
  • Insurance worth Rs. 2 lakhs is included in the package.
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  • Day 01: Arrival at Bharatpur

    Highlights: Cycling

    Destination: Bharatpur 

    Early morning drive from Delhi to Bharatpur in your own vehicle, head out for a ride on the Bharatpur - Jaipur highway. After lunch, cycle on the Bharatpur - Fatehpur Sikri highway, ride distance will be 30-40 kms. Overnight stay in The Birder's Inn.

  • Day 02: Departure from Bharatpur

    Highlights: Cycling to Bharatpur wildlife sanctuary

    Destination: Delhi 

    In morning ride inside the Bharatpur wildlife sanctuary, followed by a ride on the Bharatupur - Jaipur highway. Post ride, drive back to Delhi

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* Extra discount for a group size of 4 or more! Ask Here
Package Options Cost/Person EMI Option
Single entry ₹ 11,550 EMI starts* ₹ 1,026


  • Stay in Bharatpur (Birder's inn or equivalent).
  • Breakfast and Dinner.
  • Refreshment and water while cycling.
  • Backup vehicle for transporting the cycles from Delhi to Bharatpur and back.
  • Backup vehicle for the ride.
  • Chief experience officer for the ride, mountain bikes for the trip.
  • Insurance worth Rs. 2 lakhs is included in the package.
Doesn’t Includes
  • Any personal expenses (meals at hotel, room service, ride time expenses, break down/repair expenses, laundry, local excursions not included in the itinerary, telephone bills.
  • Medical /personal insurance.
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Terms & Conditions

Any cancellation after confirmed booking, 10% of the total cost will be refunded as cancellation fee. The rides will happen only in day light and Cycle reserves the right to call off the ride for riders who are unable to reach the destination before sunset. Or find them unsuitable for a ride or find weather conditions unsuitable for riding. It is mandatory for all riders to wear helmets all through the ride. Though the rides will be riding only in daytime, its advisable for the cyclists to wear reflective vests, carry front & rear lights and a warning horn/bell/whistle just in case of overcast sky/fog conditions. All riders are required to honor laws & customs of the land. Drinking / drug abuse /any other intoxicants during or afterward of the ride is strictly prohibited.


Cycle's List (Any 2 of the following):

1. Scott Aspect 750

2. Scott Aspect 650

3. Trek 4300 disc

4. Btwin Rockrider 5.1

5. Focus Whistler 4.0

6. Merida Matts 100

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Tips, Hints, Precautions

  • Personal Health & Safety.

  • Before signing up for the event, the riders are expected to ensure that they are fit to ride as the ride can be extremely challenging both physically & mentally. All riders are responsible for taking care of their personal health & hygiene and immediately report any abnormal condition to the organizers. The organizers will try to help them to the best of their ability & available resources in the circumstance.


  • Luggage.

  • Organizer will take utmost care in transporting your luggage from start point to end point every day but will not be liable for any claims for damage/ loss etc.

  • The responsibility to secure the luggage will lie with the riders and the riders are advised not to keep any expensive / breakable stuff in the luggage.

  • Organizer will not be responsible for any loss of valuables.


  • Valuables & Electronics.

  • At the beginning of the ride the riders can give their valuables/ electronics like cameras, tablets, phones etc to a designated person for safe keeping; But the same will be available for use only at the end of the ride.


  • Before you start your ride.

  • Make sure your bike is serviced a few days before you ride here and ensure the brakes are in perfect working condition.

  • Go over your accessory checklist: tubes, pumps, batteries etc. We have most of these items with us and you can always buy them from us, however since we carry only the more commonly used sizes, we may not have the specific item you require. It's best to bring your own.

  • The night before each ride, ensure you get at least 6 hours of good quality sleep. Riding in the hills is challenging and you need to give your body adequate rest before tackling the hills.

  • It is best to refrain from consuming alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed) and any other intoxicants the night before the ride. Focus on eating and hydrating yourself well.

  • Carry your prescribed medicines.

  • If you have any special requirements/ needs, please let Painted Inke know well in advance. If you are feeling unwell before the ride, do not push yourself to ride without consulting the doctor.


  • During the ride.

  • We will have enough water and food items in the car. However, make sure you carry some food and water on your own as well.

  • Ensure that you carry your mobile phone and some money in a plastic bag. Carry your mobile phone with you at all times.

  • At any point during the ride if you feel tired or want to stop before the group, feel free to get into the sweep car.

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Easy Formalities
  • Traveller Photograph
  • Traveller ID proof
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