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Type of Event : Motor Sports

Level : Hard

Location : Leh and Ladakh

Duration : 9 Days 8 Nights

Rally Raid Start : Himachal

Rally Raid End : Ladakh


Rally Raid-De-Himalaya - the mecca of rallying in Asia for the die hard competitor, is back with its 18th edition. The world's highest Rally Raid, is an extreme endurance event of marathon proportions. The Raid has been on FIA and FIM calendars for the 17th consecutive year. The rally is open to 4x4's, Trucks, Motos and Quadbikes. The terrain crossed is epic Himalaya! Finishing the Raid in itself is an unbelievable victory as rallying at 6000 mtrs is unheard of !! Entry is subject to approval.

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What's Unique?

  • The Worlds highest Rally Raid - @ 6000 mtrs and climbing !
  • One of the toughest Rallies in the world !
  • Runs in various formats including Xtreme, Adventure Trial, Moto-Quads and the Moto-Quad Alpine
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Rebuilding those broken machines all night !!

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  • Day 01: 7th October, 2016

    Highlights: Pre Event Scrutiny

    Destination: Shimla 

    Administrative and Technical Scrutiny spread over 2 days to ensure Safety norms are adhered to as per the FiA, FIM and Federation regulations. The Scrutiny will be conducted in the wilderness with the usual crush of traffic totally absent. From 0800 hrs onwards into the night!

    The usual unprepared few will stumble into the next morning in order to be declared worthy to start the event.

    A Ceremonial Start is scheduled for the afternoon of the 9th October 2016, along with Drivers Briefing and the Press Meet.

    Prologues for all 3 categories will be run to decide the start order. Loss of your comfort zone will be guaranteed !

  • Day 02: 8th October, 2016

    Highlights: Pre Event Scrutiny

    Destination: Shimla 

    Scrutiny will continue for second day also till evening.

  • Day 03: 9th October, 2016

    Highlights: Rally Start

    Details Awaited

  • Day 04: 10th October, 2016

    Highlights: Rally Day

    Details Awaited

  • Day 05: 11th October, 2016

    Highlights: Rally Day

    Details Awaited

  • Day 06: 12th October, 2016

    Highlights: Rally Day

    Details Awaited

  • Day 07: 13th October, 2016

    Highlights: Rally Day

    Details Awaited

  • Day 08: 14th October, 2016

    Highlights: Rally End

    Details Awaited

  • Day 09: 15th October, 2016

    Highlights: Celebrations and Prize Distribution

    Details Awaited

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* Extra discount for a group size of 4 or more! Ask Here
Package Options Early Bird Entry Standard Entry Late Entry Very Late Entry
Entry Closes On 15 May, 2016 15 Jul, 2016 31 Aug, 2016 30 Sep, 2016
Xtreme Alpine ₹ 12,000 ₹ 16,000

EMI Option available

₹ 20,000 ₹ 25,000
Xtreme Motos & Quads ₹ 18,000 ₹ 21,000

EMI Option available

₹ 25,000 ₹ 30,000
Xtreme T1, T2, T3, T4 ₹ 65,000 ₹ 75,000

EMI Option available

₹ 95,000 ₹ 110,000
Adventure Trial Cars & SUV's ₹ 70,000 ₹ 80,000

EMI Option available

₹ 100,000 ₹ 120,000
Adventure Trial Expert and Modified ₹ 80,000 ₹ 90,000

EMI Option available

₹ 105,000 ₹ 140,000


  • An Opportunity to participate in Raid-De-Himalaya 2016
  • One set of printed + Tripy Road Books and Gps tracks for the entire Rally.
  • Route Maps
  • Invitation to Prize Distribution Function and Raid Ball
  • Lodging on twin sharing basis from the 9th - 15th October 2016.
  • Basic Accommodation at the night halts (9th - 15th October 2016) as long as the competitor is still in the competition.
Doesn’t Includes
  • Vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Any damage to the vehicle
  • Recovery, Medical charges etc.(including hospitalization)
  • Helicopter evacuation (Only if you buy medical evacuation insurance)
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Terms & Conditions

Entry to this event is by invitation only and subject to approval by the organizers. Organizers reserve the right to reject any entry and will not be obliged to give any reason whatsoever. However in case of an entry being rejected, the booking amount will be refunded to the applicant. To process the application, applicant is required to make the payment for the desired category and download and fill the Entry form from the downloads section. Duly filled entry form should then be uploaded through the Dashboard section under "User Profile" link on top right. Alternatively the form can also be emailed to info@wenomads.com No Entry Feee or "Block your Seat" fee will be refunded for any reason whatsoever. Exceptions to this are (1) To candidates whose entry has not been accepted, (2) In case of Raid-De-Himalaya 2016 not being flagged off Early Entries are those that are submitted with the full payment before or on the 16th May, 2016. Early entries will not be treated thus if the documentation is not completed in its entirety by the 16th June, 2016. Then, they will be treated as Standard Entry and the balance in fees collected before a start is authorised. Similarly for Standard entry the last date for documentation completion is 15th August, 2016. If not completed by then these entries will be treated as Late Entries and charged as such. This is not a fine levied on the competitor, merely a rationalization of his actual Entry date and payment of the relevant fee on that date. IMPORTANT: The dates for 2016 Raid De Himalaya are still tentative. It is possible that the dates shift out of this but it will not be by much. For those who need to plan well in advance you can do so by keeping a few days on either side of the end dates. Flexi Time Rallying - Incase we get snowed in or hit by earthquake...both distinct possibilities.. the rally will bed down for the 2 days it normally takes to clear the mess and restart. Unlike 2004 and 2007 where the rally was cut short, 2016 will see a flexi time event, if needed. So mentally please keep a 48 hr window for delays on scheduling the 'return to home' ! Read Supplementary Regulations (SR) for detailed Terms and Conditions. SR's information and terms and conditions supersedes everything else.

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Tips, Hints, Precautions

  • What are the terms and conditions for Blocking a seat?
    A seat to any category can be blocked by paying the "Block your Seat" amount mentioned near each category. However no money will be refunded if a seat is blocked and participant decides to cancel his participation later on. The entire money will be forfeited.

  • What is a Sponsored Entry?
    Sponsored entry is classified as -

    • If an entry is made by a vehicle/ ancillary manufacturer, his franchise holder, accredited dealers, agents or sub-agents.
    • If the entry is or becomes a member of manufacturer's team.
    • If the entry is in respect of a vehicle, which, in the opinion of the organisers, has, been provided by a vehicle/ancillary manufacturer or any person or organisation acting as his agent.
    • The vehicle displays advertising mentioned other than compulsory advertising.
    • If the vehicle is painted in colour scheme/ design of vehicles of major sponsors, whether carrying the sponsor's advertising or not, which in the opinion of the organisers is a sponsored vehicle.
    • The decision of the organisers in this matter will be final and binding on the competitor.

    How do I book a sponsored entry?
    Sponsored entry can only be booked by contacting Himalayan Motorsports directly. Click here.

  • The Routes and Dates
    The 18th Maruti Suzuki Raid de Himalaya 2016 will run from the 7th-15th October 2016. The route for this year will be revealed in July 2016.
    IMPORTANT: The tentative window for this years Raid de Himalaya is as above. It is possible that the dates shift out of this but it will not be by much. For those who need to plan well in advance you can do so by keeping a few days on either side of the end dates.

  • Flexi Time Rallying
    Incase we get snowed in or hit by earthquake...both distinct possibilities.. the rally will bed down for the 2 days it normally takes to clear the mess and restart. Unlike 2004 and 2007 where the rally was cut short, 2016 will see a flexi time event, if needed. So mentally please keep a 48 hr window for delays on scheduling the 'return to home'  !
    You would be spending at least three days above an altitude of 15000ft !
    On one front, these six days will test  qualities of endurance, ingenuity , physical and mental toughness. On the other side  will be  tested, dramatically, the levels of vehicle preparation and planning for the unexpected !!

  • Which version of the Raid should I opt for, how difficult is it?

  • The Raid de Himalaya 2016 will run two versions, concurrently, as last year - 'X-Treme' and the 'Adventure Trial'.

  • The X-Treme version on a scale of 1 to 10 would rate 9 in terms of difficulty.

  • The Adventure Trial version would rate a 6.

  • It is suggested that all first timers participate in the Adventure Trial this year and then move on to the X-Treme levels next year. However this is not cast in stone and first timers may be permitted for the X-Treme version after being assessed by the "Participation Committee" of Himalayan Motorsport for competence. You are taking on the mightiest mountains in the world at altitudes where nothing much survives. You need to be physically fit and mentally strong. The unexpected lies around the next bend and it need not always be pleasant!! Our earlier "Raids" attracted a wide array of vehicles……both motorcycles and 4 wheelers. The drivers and the riders ranged from first timers to professionals. The program is drawn such that it offers a reasonable degree of challenge each day and yet allows sufficient time to recover for the next. A well-prepared car and a generally fit person can easily cope up with the rigours of our event and all that the high altitude route has to offer."Through the night" driving is not part of the plan. We try and get to our night halts by early evening, but it is possible you may finish with headlights on, especially if you are running late. Each day normally starts just after sunrise, though this year a few Legs will be flagged off at dawn!  However some competitors in past years have driven through the night when plagued with problems. Though not encouraged, this can give you a fresh perspective on life! There is a special camaraderie that springs from long distance events, and meeting up at the end of the day is very much a part of the flavor of the event. That and the fact that the moment the sun goes down, Ladakh changes in 15 minutes from a scenic landscape to a deadly cold one, are the main reasons to get everyone safely in before sunset.

  • How do I prepare?

  • Vehicle Preparation:

  • The Raid Office team can help you from the choice of car or bike, how to prepare it, personal preparations, recce plans, medical advice-you have the support of an experienced team behind you. The Raid Office is available to answer your questions. Vijay, Atul,  and Manjeev- all having driven in many long distance events aim to give you as much "back-up" support for  your planning as possible. Just write to Himalayan Motorsport at info@raid-de-himalaya.com for any assistance. Though you may decide to take it as it comes and fix things as they break, our advice is that it is better to set off with a totally reliable car than have to seek  workshops for a rebuild, halfway. You should endeavour to set off, knowing that the car has been fully prepared with all of the Raid Office advice notes taken into account by your workshop during car preparation. Finally, you are flagged off with the peace of mind of knowing that you have  the support of a highly experienced organization as your back-up. Downloading the pre event scrutiny form will give you a good idea of what  makes up the compulsory safety modifications that have to be made to your car or motorcycle.

  • Medical Preparation:

  • Our Medical team is highly experienced and we issue "Health Notes" in the run up to the event to help you prepare well. The medical lists will give details of what all you must carry to battle High Altitude Sickness as well as sunburn.

  • What cars are best?

  • As this is primarily an off road marathon event any vehicle having a decent ground clearance, 4 X 4 capability and the capacity to take a beating for 7 days would be the best. Our T1 Group allows you to practically mix and match engines, gear boxes and chassis of any vehicle with another,  to produce the finest tailor made weapon for this terrain !!!! However as a lot of the course is tarmac you must keep in mind that a Maruti Esteem won the event outright in 2000, being well ahead of all the 4X4 vehicles entered!  This hasn't been repeated subsequently so unless you are preparing a 2 wheel drive Baja buggy for the event stay with the 4X4 options.

  • How do I acclimatize and can I do a route recce?
    The route will be finalized by the end of July 2016. All those who submit their entries, with complete documentation, will receive a copy of the Road Books / or recce notes to do an entire route recce if they wish. However, it is not necessary or practical in terms of both costs and time, to do the entire route beforehand. Just a few stages, two weeks before, and above the 4000 mtrs mark would give you an idea of the terrain and acclimatise you for the event.

  • Do I need any special qualifications?
    No, but any kind of past experience will of course be useful. A lot of determination and perhaps a sense of humor will often see you through the most testing of times. While mechanical knowledge can be useful not everyone has it!!  If you drive safely and to a game plan you probably would not need it. Physically you need to be very fit. You will need to consult your physician if you suffer from Hypertension (high blood pressure) and/or breathing disorders like asthma. We would be crossing passes in excess of 18,000 ft and oxygen is in short supply.

  • How late can I enter?
    The last time and date for the entries is 1700 hrs on the 30th September 2016. However, an Early entry (15th April-15th May 2016) will attract a lower fee and will give you enough time to get all your paperwork in order well in time. Standard entry (between 16th May-15th July 2016) will be at a higher rate than the early entries. However, this time frame too has enough time for documentation etc. Late entries (between the 16th July and the 31st Aug 2016) will attract the highest fee. This fee is non refundable in the event that your paperwork does not come together in time for the event. Details for entry fee can be accessed by clicking this link.

  • What are the Documentation deadlines for each entry type and what will happen if I miss them?
    The documentation deadlines are mentioned below -

    • Early Entry - 15th June 2016
    • Standard Entry - 15th August 2016
    • Late Entry - 30th September 2016
    • Very Late Entry - Immedate with Entry Fee

    In case of failure to adhere to the timeline, the entry would be automatically graduated to the next one i.e. if an EARLY ENTRY documentation is not submitted by June 15, 2016, the entry would be a STANDARD ENTRY and the new timeline would be August 15, 2016. Also note that in case the entry is elevated to the next one, the differential amount of the entry fee would have top be deposited immediately .i.e. conversion from EARLY TO STANDARD ENTRY in case of ADVENTURE TRIAL would be Rs. 10,000/- and likewise. Even one document pending would be treated as incomplete submission and the entry would be accordingly elevated to the next one. Exception would be considered only in case of VEHICLE RALLY INSURANCE, where the vehicle insurance policy is due for renewal after the documentation submission timeline. However, the existing vehicle insurance policy would have to be submitted as documentary evidence in support of such a scenario.

  • Click here to access the details.

  • What happens if I break down in the middle of never land, or even get lost?

  • On an event of this magnitude there is every possibility that you will have the problems associated with a high speed endurance event that runs day after day through inhospitable terrain. You will break things along the way and your vehicle may give way completely before the last time control. So what do you do stranded in the middle of nowhere without a soul in sight... or worse still go off the track and get lost?

  • Fortunately, if you break down in the middle of nowhere don't worry. Himalayan Motorsport has a Sweep Team for every stage  and they will eventually reach you as they bring up the rear mopping up the stragglers! If you are a motorcyclist your bike will be loaded into the back of the Breakdown truck ( if there is space) and brought to the nearest town from where you can arrange repair or alternate transport for your machine. If a 4 wheel participant, your vehicle will be left where it is, unless it is a short distance (less than 10 kms) to a town or village and towing is possible. You will be given a ride to the end of the Leg night halt. Himalayan Motorsport will help you arrange for a transport back home for your car/bike on the next day. This will normally be a local recovery truck from the nearest point possible and will be paid for by the competitor. Army recovery assistance, wherever possible, is normally for free.Incase you wander off the track, which is highly unlikely, as on most stages there are no alternative routes, your absence from the pack will be missed immediately. Himalayan Motorsport has  radio cars reporting the progress of each rider or driver every 10 kilometres of the route and these are manned by the best crews in Indian Motorsport !!!. Before you have been lost for ten minutes we know you are missing. Also your Road Book has been made with a highly specialised Rally computer equipped with GPS, that is accurate to the last 10 metres. You will be given the Road Book well in advance to enable you to do a route recce which reduces, hugely, the chances of getting lost. It is probable that the road book for this year will be GPS tracks and waypoints only. As you can recce a month in advance Pace Notes will be necessary for 4 wheelers. GPS (preferably Garmin 76Csx or a Tripy II is recommended). With a RAM Bar Mount, external antenna and a lighter power cord you should be fully prepared to do battle with the course. Maps/Digital Road Books for the Tripy GPS II will also be made available to those that have invested in a Tripy.


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Easy Formalities
  • Driver license
  • Driver license for FMSCI competition
  • Driver Blood group report with name and blood group specified at the back
  • Personal accident insurance (heavy risk) for min 5 lakh each for all occupants
  • Driver passport size pics
  • Vehicles insurance
  • Vehicles rally insurance
  • Vehicles registration
  • Notarized authority letter on Rs. 100 stamp paper from owner in case vehicle is not owned by competitor
  • Notarized indemnity form on Rs.100/- stamp paper per crew member.
  • Treadmill Test (Applicable only for Moto & Quad)
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