Manali to Leh MTB Expedition

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About The Listing

Type of Trip : Cycling

Level : Hard

Location : Himachal Pradesh

Duration : 13 Days 12 Nights

Trip Start : Manali

Trip End : Leh


Cycling in Leh is extremely fun & challenging. This cycling tour of 13 days involves spectacular views of the snowcapped peaks, rugged terrain and traveling through one of the most amazing & picturesque landscapes in the world. The 478 km journey through the desolate and remote countryside involves climbing six major passes up to a height of 5,600 m (18,414 feet), so brace yourself for this once in a lifetime experience.

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What's Unique?

  • It is STUNNINGLY beautiful.
  • If you’re looking to reinforce your self belief, this is it.
  • The thrill of cycling at that altitude and in that terrain is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • Every moment of the ride will be memorable. Right from the excruciatingly painful uphills to the adrenalin inducing downhill’s. You’ll love each minute.
  • The sense of achievement is unparalleled.
  • Camaraderie from this trip will be for lifelong.
  • You’ll find your true grit, determination and passion – the real you.
  • Finally… this will be a life altering experience.
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  • Day 01: Arrival at Manali.

    Arrive at Manali from your hometown. The first day involves getting used to the bikes and doing a small test run on a local cycling tour to acclimatize you. Overnight is scheduled in hotel.

    Day 02: Manali to Marhi.

    Today starting from Manali, will be your first ascent as you begin to “warm up” for the tough ride ahead.  The ride takes you through a set of hairpin bends which run through pine and deodar forests. Overnight will be at the camp in Marhi.

    Cycling distance: 42 km.

    Altitude: 3,320m (10,890ft).

    Day 03: Marhi to Keylong.

    You will start with the 12 km ascent to the Rohtang pass which would be your perfect spot to view the panorama of snow-covered peaks on the horizon. Then as you start your descend to Gramphu, you will encounter some stretches of flat road as you cross the torrential waters of the river at Khoksar. Continuing on the route you will reach Sissu in the foothills of the Pir Panjal range. Keylong is a short ride from here which involves crossing mountain streams.

    Cycling distance: 78km.

    Altitude: 3,350m (11,000ft).

    Day 04: Keylong to Patseo.

    Today you will cycle up to Patseo on a dusty and gravelly road. The terrain also becomes more arid as you pass Jispa village. The ride from here is a short downhill before the ascent to Patseo. You will hardly find any habitation in this area; just a few sheep grazing here and there as you enter the territory of the Lamas. On the horizon, one can see the skyline of the Higher Himalayan ranges. It’s a camping night.

    Cycling distance: 48km.

    Altitude: 3,820m (12,500ft).

    Day 05: Patseo to Sarchu.

    Today’s ride is a steep ascent to the Baralacha La Pass. As you climb to the pass, the terrain consists of no vegetation and the mountain sides are covered in nothing but rocks and loose stones. It’s an experience in itself as you traverse this wild and scenic countryside. After crossing the pass, you will descend into the gorge area of Bharatpur which involves crossing mountain rivers.

    Cycling distance: 58km.

    Altitude: 4,255m (13,975ft).

    Day 06: Rest day.

    An important day’s rest to acclimatize yourself and to experience the magnificent views.

    Day 07: Sarchu to Whiskey Nullah.

    The day starts with some easy cycling but don’t be misled as soon you’ll face the 21 amazing zigzag hairpin loops of Gata which take you up to 15,302ft. After Gata loops, you’ll reach Nakeela Pass from where it is a downhill ride to the Whiskey Nullah. You will experience some exquisitely beautiful and dry mountain scenery.

    Cycling distance: 56km.

    Altitude: 4,750m (15,800ft).

    Day 08: Whiskey Nullah to Tsokar Lake.

    Today’s ride will take you to Lachalang La, the second highest mountain pass on the Manali-Leh highway. The roads here, or the lack of them, are the worst of the trip, with loose gravel and stones. Beyond the pass is the long descent down a steep gorge to Pang, which is followed by an 8 km switchback climb to the flats of the Moray Plains. This barren area has extreme temperatures in the morning and evening and prone to fast winds and sandstorms. The only signs of life in this desolate place are the Nomadic Changpas, who can be seen tending to their yaks. You will camp at the Tsokar Lake which is 20 km below Tanglang La, the world’s second highest pass (5,360m).

    Cycling distance: 82km.

    Altitude: 4835m (15,600ft).

    Day 9: Tsokar Lake to Rumtse.

    The day’s ride is a challenge indeed as you start on the long climb to Tanglang La. The climb starts gradually and gets steeper towards the top. At the top, you will at 5,360 m above sea level at the second highest motorable pass in India! The reward for the day’s hard work is the majestic views of both Himalayan and the Karakorum Mountains.Afterward you will cycle down an exhilarating 1,200m of switchbacks to the village of Rumtse. Overnight is scheduled at camp.

    Cycling distance: 51km.

    Altitude: 4260m (14,000ft).

    Day 10: Rumtse to Leh.

    The day starts with an easy winding descent to Upshi. The scenery changes dramatically as you are greeted by green and irrigated valley dotted with fields and small villages. The spectacular red colored mountains add to the beauty of the scenery. Joining the Indus Valley, road improves as you follow it all the way to Leh. This is an easy ride as you pass the Thiksey Gompa and the Chortens Garden before you reach Leh. Overnight halt will be at the hotel.

    Cycling distance: 91km.

    Altitude: 3,600m (11,500ft).

    Day 11: Rest day at Leh.

    Taking a rest from the bikes, the day is meant to explore the town with its twisting narrow streets and also some famous sites such as Leh Palace and the Sakar Gompa monastery.

    Day 12: Leh to Khardung La.

    Today you’ll start early for a day’s trip to Khardung La (5,602m), arguably the highest motorable pass in the world. With an elevation gain of 2100m, the ride is going to be the ultimate challenge of the trip but after 10 days of extreme MTB, you will be more than prepared for it. The views from the top are magnificent with the Karakoram Range in front, and the Zanskar Range behind you. You can feel proud of a true achievement as you finish the trip with your final descent and reach Leh by late evening. Overnight stay will be in Leh. 

    Cycling distance: 39km.

    Altitude: 5,600m (18,400ft).

    Day 13: Buffer day.

    If during the ride, the group feels like taking an extra day of rest, then this buffer rest day will be used for relaxing, photography, hanging around and soaking in the spectacular views of Leh.

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  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis.
  • All meals.
  • All entry fees on sightseeing tours.
  • Camping equipment.
  • Escort vehicle.
  • Camping.
  • Filtered water.
  • Bike mechanic.
  • Experienced lead rider.
Doesn’t Includes
  • Arrival/departure from/to home town.
  • Meals when staying in hotels.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Beverages.
  • Bottled water.
  • Spare parts used for the bike.
  • Costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Rented Cycle INR 8,500/-.
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Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation 45 days prior to departure 100% refund.
  • Cancellation 44 to 10 days prior to departure 60% refund.
  • Cancellation less than 10 days prior to departure no refund.
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Tips, Hints, Precautions

  • 1. I have signed up for MTB expedition from Manali to Leh, now how do I train for it? 

  • Fear not, once you sign up, GoMissing will be sharing a comprehensive training plan and monitoring you closely on your stats as you progress. This involves running and cycling and should even prepare you for a possible marathon!! The Fitness regimen is designed to not interfere with your daily work schedule and will help in the build up to the ride.


  • 2. Are cycles available on rent?

  • Yes GoMissing have high end Scott , Meridas , Giants and Trek bikes available for rent ,all battle ready and well serviced. A qualified bike technician will also be accompanying the group as part of the crew to adhere to any breakdowns during the trip. Spare parts will be available with them on the expedition support vehicle on a chargeable basis.


  • 3. What about AMS?

  • Even though Acute Mountain Sickness is totally random and cannot be prevented as even experienced climbers may encounter it, try not to smoke and avoid Alcoholic beverages during the trip. The trip is designed in a way to acclimatize you in a good fashion. Being hydrated on the trip works wonders, and if you do encounter the symptoms which will be part of your pre ride briefing, immediately tell your trip leader for emergency evacuations or bringing to lower elevations .They will be also carrying bottled oxygen.


  • 4. Hey, what about the camping arrangements?

  • After a day long ride when you would have been soaked in all the day’s fun and adventure, why to spoil the night. Imagine sleeping on air mattresses which can get pretty cozy and warm. All weather professional camps and pretty awesome camping grounds with bonfires to enjoy!  You will be camping in a twin sharing camp designed for three people...So you have ample space to stretch around after a long and fun filled day!


  • Some important points:

  • Downhill rides sound easy, but you can easily attain speeds of 50+ kmph on a downhill ride. Be extra careful as there will be a steep valley/ river on one side and a solid mountain of rock on the other and there may be fast moving jeeps and/ or other vehicles just around a blind turn. 

  • Absolutely DO NOT wear headphones while riding, you won’t be able to hear any approaching vehicles while riding. The wind wooshing by, the river, the forest and the birds sounds way better than anything on a music player.

  • Even 20 km long uphill rides can sap out your energy. Be prepared and you will have an absolutely incredible time. Carry energy bars/ dry fruit and share. And yes, GoMissing also carry a whole bunch of them, so every time you see the escort vehicle, stock up. 

  • Make sure you’re adequately hydrated. Force yourself to drink a lot of water even if you don’t feel thirsty. 

  • Make sure you do not remove jackets immediately after rides. Your body temperature will fluctuate drastically and it may lead to fever, uneasiness and other random stuff which is totally avoidable. 

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