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Type of Trip : Road Trips

Level : Easy

Location : Leh and Ladakh

Duration : 12 Days 11 Nights

Trip Start : Manali

Trip End : Manali


When God thought that just 0.0003 % of earth population should witness “HEAVEN” each year , he created “LEH” ! Yeah thats right.

If you haven't been Leh’d yet, you are missing a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle called LIFE. It has epic written on every inch of its terrain. It leaves you with jaws open most of the time you pass through its treacherous passes, beautiful lakes, crisp sky, and enchanting people.

Join, Kavya, our Chief Experience Officer cum storyteller on this 12 days epic expedition starting from Srinagar and covering about 1600 kms, which don’t just cover those mandatory Pangong and Nubra but takes you to unexplored territory of Dah and Hanu via Batalik, beautiful lakes like Tsokar and Tso Moriri as well. WeNomads expeditions are uniquely designed with lot of passion, excitement to leave you spellbound with the bespoke experience we create to last a lifetime.

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What's Unique?

  • Handcrafted Itinerary - Many countless hours, debates and yes our team’s enthusiasm and experience has gone into making this expedition a Lore (Stories), we have ensured that we not only show you Ladakh, but also tell you everything about it. While some trips may include war memorial visits, we will spend an evening listening to war stories from decorated soldiers at Kargil. We won’t visit just monasteries, but be a part of the ceremony witnessing monks chanting mantras and blowing coach horns in a row. Not just a bonfire party at Pangong, its gonna be a Full moon Night experience in the world’s highest cold desert. We also take you further to beautiful lakes of Tsokar and Tsomoriri. Not to say that we make you travel different, beyond the normal, to places unheard off. All this while still getting to do the Leh, Nubra and Pangong rituals, with added twists of adventure, cuisine and culture. A lot to experience, a lot to see, a lot to enjoy, a lot to learn. We can assure that you will find unheard stories on this trip, good enough to brag to those who think they have done Leh. Have they ? But you will.
  • Chief Experience Officer (CXO) - Our CXO’s are veteran travellers and distinguished individuals possessing the skills, experience and the depth of knowledge necessary to provide the best travelling experience to our guests. Not to be mistaken with a tour guide, the CXO perspective about travelling and managing the trip makes it a wholesome experience as he / she juggles between several roles of a storyteller, friend, mentor, the captain who manages and ensures that timings and deadlines can be followed, the chilled out traveller who focuses on soak the moment too! In Kavya, our CXO for this trip, we have a culture enthusiast, curator at the famed National Museum, certified scuba diver, social media writer, theatre artist, photographer and countless. But what we see in her is a true wanderer and a storyteller. Thoroughly experienced in travelling, she also boasts of deeper knowledge of Ladakh, which not many can replicate. It’s really exciting how she sees the unseen and make it so amazing for everyone to soak. We are sure that you will be hooked, and its going to be great fun travelling with such an amazing young group leader, as she keeps bringing aces from her pocket to make the whole experience like never before.
  • Not just ticking off places - Too ready to go Leh, and maybe just falling for any run of mill trips that every other street travel agent is selling, or whatever comes cheap? Think again as how many of us go back again; thus we have ensured that this expedition becomes something that redefines the way you have heard people doing Ladakh. Each day comes with an experience which we have uniquely designed keeping in mind the terrain, so that at the end it shall be a lot more than food and facebook story.
  • Touching Dah & Hanu - Have you ever heard where lives the “pure blooded aryans”? Well, facts or rumours, but people from Brogpa community are considered by many the only pure Aryan breed left on earth. Nonetheless, what is undoubtable is the beauty of Brogpa cultural heritage and History. The villagers still closely follow their traditions and culture, and it is widely evident in their attire, food and language. As much as pure aryans, it is also interesting that Brogpa men are generally considered very handsome, and stories are aplenty about smitten German women sneaking in villages hoping to get seered by Brogpa men. Lets find out why ?
  • Escapades to leave you in Awe - What’s more? So as we move ahead, we start witnessing the Ladakhi culture in villages like Turtuk, appreciating the culinary delights of Ladakhi Kitchen, participating in surreal morning prayers at Thiksey, Full moon bonfire party at Hunder, listening stories of braveries, Star Gazing in clear Tso-moriri nights, birding at Tso-Kar and what not. Well if you can imagine by now, we have served it all in this journey we proudly call a Lore (story)
  • Thoda adventure ho jaye - How can a road trip to Ladakh is devoid of adventure part. List a few we say. Camping at Sarchu, Biking to Hemis Monastery, Visiting war memorials at Drass and Chushul, Visiting highest Indian Oil Depot in Kargil, Passing world’s highest road Khardung-La and more. Could one trip pack so much in it, hell YEAH !!
  • Picture abhi Baaki Hai - Tired of those run of mill pictures of Ladakh flooding your facebook? What if we get you around some really cool tips to get that perfect frame, the right light, the right photo app and off course the right posture. And what if we also tell you how to get your FB or insta more popular. Be excited as our CXO shares all the little secrets for that perfect photo !
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Chief Experiences Officer



Uncharted road journey over 1600 kms
Crossing world's mighty passes
Camping besides beautiful lakes
Meandering through ancient villages
Participating 1000+ years old morning prayer ritual with Monks
Motor biking on most beautiful roads
Riding double hump camels at world's highest desert
Experiencing authentic rural Leh cuisine
Learning nuances of photography at mesmerising Pangong


Camping under star lit skies
Trippin' on a Full Moon night
Storytelling sessions at Dah-Hanu, Nubra, Pangong and more..

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  • Day 01: Manali – Manali

    Highlights: Expedition Briefing, Trout , Local Dinner

    Destination: Manali 

    The Group assembles this day. Those who arrive early, the day is at leisure. One may explore the bustling mall selling all sorts of trinkets, food, woolens and those tri color ice cream cones, or one can also climb up to Hadimba Temple. The adventure seekers may go for river crossing , ziplining etc.  If you are coming a day prior, you may take a tour of the shawl making industry in Kullu. Post lunch at the hotel, we have an “Expedition Briefing”. The CXO shall take you through a virtual trip for the day ahead, and briefly talk about the do’s and don’ts, which also happens to be the best time to break the ice with fellow wanderers. As the sun sets over the beautiful hill town, you may choose to enjoy the long walks at Nature Park or markets. For dinner, we have thought of a sumptuous meal at a quaint place, complete with the Himalayan Trout. The vegetarians must definitely try the ‘Lingdi’, a local green with sumptuous flavour.

  • Day 02: Manali - Jispa

    Highlights: Rohtang La, Riverside stay in camp

    Destination: Jispa  (250 KM)

    The Manali to Jispa drive kind of prepares oneself for the panoramic views ahead, as vehicles give way to herders. The journey is interspersed with rivers, meadows and valleys. We pass through Keylong which is a small laid back town with old cultural habits. There are tons of folklores that surround  this area, which our CXO may dole out in exchange for a masala chai. We camp at Jispa which is a perfect setting for an overnight stay. Our campsite provides for ideal book reading, sitting besides the river sipping endless chai and having memorable conversations.

    Driving Hours: 6 hours

  • Day 03: Jispa - Leh

    Highlights: BaralaCha La, Tanglang La, Zing Zing Bar

    Destination: Leh  (250 KM)

    The ascent from Jispa is as if one is riding through clouds . Since it is a long drive, the aim is to take is easy and soak it all. We pass through mighty passes as the landscape offers a dramatic change from greens to stark yellow and various hues. The Zing Zing Bar, for example, not just carries a peppy name, it happens to be an iconic spot in terms of the highest bar catering to travellers in a breathtaking location.
    We cross another mighty pass - The Bara Lacha La. this pass is not just at a towering height of over 16,000 ft., but also has the beautiful “Suraj Tal”, from where river Bhaga originates. Some call it the World’s deadliest mountain pass, however passing through the first mighty pass on our expedition shall surely make us realise how we are a mere speck in the whole landscape of things.
    We then pass the hairpin bends at Gata Loops, yes those zig zag panoramic pictures of bikes you see on Facebook belong to this place. We then pass  La Chung La and the More plain, an unexpected terrain of unending flat land for a considerable stretch. The views in this drive, we promise, shall keep you spellbound throughout. We arrive at Leh by late evening, and check-in to our comfortable hotel to prepare for an exciting day around Leh town.

    Driving Hours: 10 hours

  • Day 04: Leh Sightseeing

    Highlights: Amazing Monastery experience at Thikshey, Bike ride to Hemis, Original Tibetian market

    Destination: Leh 

    We are going to start our day with a prayer visit to the Thiksey monastery in early morning, around 7 am. The nooks and crannies of this Monastery are overloaded with stories, memorabilia, wall art. It shall be an enchanting experience seeing monks lined up for their morning meditation session.

    Post breakfast , we ride to Hemis, the road is magical in terms of mountains on both sides and also home to the endangered snow leopard. The Hemis Monastery is the biggest institution in Ladakhi region with over a 1000 monks. The CXO has some interesting story to share about the intellectual form of monastery here.
    We lie low and take it easy today to start with our next leg of the journey. While we shall be arranging your permits, you can soak up the vibe of this now touristic town which still retains its old world charm in its quaint cafes and ladakhi kitchens. One can shop for trinkets & memoirs, and yes, sending a postcard back home from here shall forever remind us of this one-of-a-kind sojourn.

  • Day 05: Leh - Dah Hanu - Alchi

    Destination: Alchi 

    After breakfast we'll start from Leh to witness the most scenic beauty of this region. Dah and Hanu villages fall under the jurisdiction of Leh district, Darchik and Garkon villages are in Kargil district. The latter two villages were out of bound for all civilians except the locals.

    While people rarely know or recommend Dah and Hanu in Ladakh, we believe they are crucial to know what Ladakh is all about, as these villages are known for their interesting Ladakhi history. The villages in this small area are the only Dardic settlements in Ladakh, and people of Dah and come from an entirely different ethnic group from other Ladakhis. Stories are afloat about people of Dah and Hanu being the only tribe of purely Aryan people, but the validity of same is questionable. A truth, or something to do with tourism, who know ;-) but definitely a one of its kind selling proposition :-)

    Dah is located at an altitude of around 2800 meters perched along the Indus River is a tiny village of apricot groves, grape vines, apple trees, and vegetable gardens. The village of Hanu is quite different from Dah, as they have lost their original language of the Dards and adopted general Ladakhi. It shall be a memorable day for us looking at women dressed in their fineries as they go about doing their chores. And yeah, Dah and Hanu are amazing photo story projects too.

    Alchi monastery is the largest and most famous of all temples built by the great translator - Ringchem Zangpo. We may visit Likir, also known as Klu-Kkjil (water spirits). Our stay is at Alchi before we say goodbye to the beautiful Dah and Hanu villages.

  • Day 06: Alchi – Nubra Valley (Hunder)

    Highlights: Khardung La, Diskit

    Destination: Nubra Valley (Hunder)  (110 KM)

    Post breakfast, we drive to Nubra Valley. The street venture from Alchi to Nubra Valley crosses the famous KHARDUNG LA (the highest motorable road in the world) at 5,602 m or 18390 ft. From the pass, one can see the distant south over the Indus valley to apparently unlimited tops and edges of the Zanskar range, and north to the monsters of the Saser massif.

    Once we are descending from Khardungla towards Nubra Valley, we are going to take everyone to one of our secret places around - the Yarab Tso. It’s literally a hidden lake, which is considered holy by the local Ladakhis, and often gets overpowered by its bigger cousins like Pangong and Tso Moriri. This one is equally breathtaking with its crystal clear waters against stark barren background.

    Nubra Valley is famously known as Ldumra or the valley of flowers. We, upon entry in Nubra, take you to Diskit, which is the headquarter town of Nubra valley. Walk around the bazaar watching the shops and individuals going about their everyday errands. Diskit is a popular 515 year old Buddhist Monastery, lying brilliantly arranged on a peak, confronting the whole Valley.

    Unparalleled views of famous Hunder sand dunes await you as we proceed to check-in to our tented stay in Hunder for the night.

    Driving Hours: 6 hours

  • Day 07: Hunder – Turtuk - Hunder

    Highlights: Camel ride at world's highest desert, Turtuk, Balti Tribe

    Destination: Nubra Valley (Hunder)  (90 KM)

    After an early breakfast we drive to the sand dunes, where one can have a quiet time, or alternatively get to ride the bactrian camels (double humped camels). You find yourself in the midst of the sand dunes of this desert, with snow capped mountains all around. Found in segregation, you could well be amongst the sand rises of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan.

    Later, we drive to one of the most amazing places of this entire tour - "Turtuk", which used be part of POK till 1971, when India captured this strategic point. The same was then opened for tourists in 2010 with prior permissions, and now no permission is required to visit here. Turtuk will welcome us with one of the amazing Balti Tribe with Balti food and a beautiful tent stay.

    In the evening one can stroll around the small village to perceive how local people live in this portion of the World. A visit to a Ladakhi home can be masterminded.

    Driving Hours: 4 hours

  • Day 08: Hunder – Pangong Tso

    Highlights: Wari La, Chang La, Pangong Lake

    Destination: Pangong Tso  (250 KM)

    Today, we head to the place which has brought Ladakh to sudden limelight, the 3 Idiots famed - Pangong Lake. We have to mention that it is going to be the most challenging driving day of the whole trip. We take a road least travelled by the tourists. So much so that we will rarely find a vehicle through all of it. We proceed to Agham and move ahead to traverse Wari-La, one of the most treacherous passes of the area. Not to forget Chang-La, which awaits ahead as the third highest pass of the World.

    We shall stop at the ChangLa for a round of Kahawa and noodles. Leaving Tangtse for Pangong, you pass through a few small villages and finally one has a breathtaking view of the Pangong Lake situated at 14,000 feet (4,267 m). This famous blue-brackish Lake of Pangong is 5/6 Kms wide and over 133 Kms long with half of it falling into the Chinese territory. One rarely feels so close to nature and the environment, and the scenery is unforgettable.

    Kavya , has planned another open dinner as she doles some quick and easy photo editing tips and what you can do with a humble phone. We end the day in well laid tents along the lake-side, which gives an experience to remember. The high point of the day or we should say our TRIP comes as the full moon shines above Pangong almost as bright enough as day light , as some bon fire and exquisite cuisine is laid out over conversations, pictures. We bet you gonna pull those sheets out of the tent and end up sleeping out for that once-in-a-lifetime date with the moon.

    Driving Hours: 8 hours

  • Day 09: Pangong – Chushul – Tsomoriri

    Highlights: Tso Moriri Lake, Star Gazing

    Destination: Tsomoriri  (250 KM)

    As we start the journey early to reach in time to enjoy Tso-moriri in full view, the path today is going to traverse the breathtaking Chamthang region, which is the least travelled reagion of the whole of Ladakh. We pass through the small village of Chushul, which is one of the four open posts with China for regular flag meetings. We visit a war memorial to know about the famous war story of Rezang-La, which changed the course of the Indo-China war.

    Further passing through Mahe bridge, we finally make it to Tso-moriri. The lake is at higher altitude than Pangong. This beautiful blue pallet lake is about 7 KM wide at its broadest point and about 19 KM long. Being part of the wetland reserve under Ramsar site, it is actually known as the Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve, which prohibits camping on the banks of the lake. While it appears to be the most romantic place you have ever seen, one has to be careful, as the conditions are much harsher than it seems. Nights here are fantastic for Star Gazing in beautiful clear skies. We spend this beautiful night in the adjacent Korzok village, which also houses the Korzok Gompa.

    Driving Hours: 8 hours

  • Day 10: Tso Moriri – Tsokar – Sarchu

    Highlights: Tso Moriri Lake

    Destination: Sarchu  (228 KM)

    Our first stop this day is Tso-Kar. The Tso-Kar Lake is also known as 'White Lake' because the white salt of the water, deposits all over the Lake’s shore. The Lake is located at an altitude of 4660 m /15280 ft. The Tso-Kar Lake is very popular with bird watchers, as the area surrounding this Lake is rich with wildlife and birds. The Lake is surrounded by marshlands that host amazing bird life, highlight of which is, the migratory black-necked crane. These birds make an amazing site when they take-off over the green, picturesque plains, on the backdrop of snow-clad mountains. Surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, the Lake itself gives a wonderful scenic and amazing view. We'll reach Sarchu by the evening and retire for the day.

    Driving Hours: 10 hours

  • Day 11: Sarchu - Manali

    Destination: Manali  (230 KM)

    Start your day after breakfast. The road to Manali follows the picturesque Bhaga river across Baralacha La pass and Suraj taal Lake. We will pass Jispa, Keylong, Khoksar and climb up to rohtang pass. Reach Manali and relax.

  • Day 12: Depart from Manali

    Destination: Manali 

    After so many days of camping, while the feeling of leaving Ladakh still soaks in, we relive tales of the Expedition on the breakfast table. The trip officially ends here, as we say our final goodbyes.


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* Extra discount for a group size of 4 or more! Ask Here
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Per Person ₹ 59,500 EMI starts* ₹ 5,287


  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Transportation - Manali to Manali via Leh
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis
  • Meal Plan - Breakfast and Dinner
  • Monastery and Environment fee
  • All Permits and clearances
  • Insurance during the trip
Doesn’t Includes
  • Any kind of Air/Train/Bus fare to and from Manali
  • Bike hire charges for Hemis (Optional)
  • Lunch (On actuals)
  • Service tax
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Terms & Conditions

Booking Policy
Book your trip by paying just Rs. 5000 when you book more than 30 days prior to the actual trip date
If you choose to book less than 30 days prior to travel date, full payment will be required at the time of booking.
Zero Cancellation Policy (Conditions Apply ***)
Avail full cash refund if you cancel more than 30 days prior to your travel date
75% cash refund and 25% Wenomads Points if you choose to cancel between 30 to 15 days prior to your travel date
50% cash refund & 50% WeNomads Points if you choose to cancel between 15 to 10 days prior to your travel date
100% Wenomads points if you choose to cancel less than 10 days prior to travel date

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Tips, Hints, Precautions

  • Is there any lack of oxygen in Ladakh?
    Anybody travelling 10,000 above sea level will find difficulty in breathing or is likely to fall prey to altitude sickness. It happens due to low level of atmospheric oxygen. However there nothing to worry, it is perfectly safe to travel to Ladakh. Your trip is designed in such a way that your first two days you'll be acclimatizing to the local weather.

  • What kind of clothes should we bring there?
    Carry clothes which can be worn in layers. As it will help you to adjust to the fluctuating temprature of Ladakh. At a particular moment sun is shining and as you enter a shady portion with wind blowing that is cold enough to put the jacket on. Good heavy shoes, socks, gloves, mufler, jacket, and pullovers. As the temperature reaches down quite low even in August. Caps will also be of great help. Goggles are a must because of strong rays of the sun.

  • Are there any ATM’s in Leh?
    Leh has four ATM’s owned by Axis Bank, HDFC, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India.

  • What are the medicines one should carry?
    We would recommend you to consult your general physician on this.

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Easy Formalities
  • Traveller Photograph
  • Traveller ID proof
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Chief Experiences Officer
Kavya Saxena

Kavya is an ardent traveller. Equipped with a deep experience of geography, culture, craft, and people of India across the country, it’s the stories she brings on board which such enthusiasm that can capture any travellers heart.

Kavya Saxena