Terra Quest Expeditions

TerraQuest Expeditions is a premium adventure travel company that offers self- drive holiday adventures. To put it simply - all experiences are based around the concept of self-drive, with the objective of making the traveler experience unique terrains, and get lost in the grandeur of nature, ensuring the highest possible safety standards that can be offered. However each expedition go's way beyond driving, folkloric festivals, local cuisine and fun adventurous activities – rafting, hiking, camping, wilderness survival sessions, kayaking etc. all add to the adventure!


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Headquarter Noida
Established Established in 2015
Experience Experience 3 Years
Employees Employees 4 People

Our Team

Bhavna Planner

With an eye for detail and panache for quality, Bhavna is the backbone of Team TerraQuest. Months of preparation and planning goes on in the background she ensures that every single expedition of is executed smoothly and delivered as per promise.

Bharat Outdoor Specialist

Meeting new people, mingling with the locals, partaking in their cuisines and enjoying their music and folklore, he blends in with the culture of the place. His passion for travel is so contagious that you find yourself being drawn into the mood.

Abhey Leader

As an experienced campaigner in the motorsport circuit and an avid traveler, Abhey has had the opportunity to traverse through some of the most intense terrains India has to offer.